Journey To Europe

Journey To Europe
credit by evay

I can say that i am LUCKY, one of my dream can be reality this year. This is not suddenly came, need to be fight with many things including spend time to study a lot to get the chance, learn 3rd language and safe money for longtime even i still have to pay some of them next….hehehe.

But for me the important things is a chance and experience, thats the higher point that i will never can buy it in my life. I was happy there and never forget everything i got there, so i thank you for all the people who help and support this to be real also my Boss who give me a chance to take this opportunity.

Terima kasih, Thank you, Merci, Danke, Dankjewel, Tag, Grazie,Hvala,Hvala vam,Спасибо!!!

Catatan Perjalanan : Evi Aryati Arbay ( Angkatan 10 Sakuntala thn 1998 )


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