The Baliem Valley Festival

The Baliem Valley Festival
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The Baliem Valley Festival,

Wah Wah Wah…

My body was un-well when we start this trip, but this mind and soul still curious and passion for this trip not only because i am the trip leader but more i am very happy to be back to Papualand again then i am so sure that this un-well body will recover very soon if i am there and it is proof, i am ok in whole this trip only a bit sad that i can’t running my fast as i did last year but i am sure GOD know what’s happen with me 🙂

Lucky this trip followed by all nice and lovely friends from 3 country, Indonesia – Germany – USA, make this trip so colorful and we learn many things each other and shares a lot by tons of smiles and laugh :).

Then The Baliem Valley Festival 2012 (BVF) it self, what i think this year very different from last year even compare with my first visit. This year, its a bit weird there are no representative from Ministry of Tourism & Economic Creative came to this event, its already common that the minister of tourism not to brave enough to came to Wamena but its should be not for others bureaucrat there. I understand hows the local government feel, they should be very disappointed because its was already 23 time the BVF held but the centre government support always feel by a half heart.

Think for the first time i saw that the speech of opening ceremonies is from Military, its really saw that the government afraid that’s will be some boycott because of the disappointment of local government and local communities to central government, it is true that was some time ago the security conditions in some regions of Papua was heated but it was only momentary and quickly recover the security conditions. And at the end, its was SO SAFE.

But it is proper central government indicated that they themselves are not afraid to Papua, not just did the highest promotion but they even afraid to go there, so how our guests would come if his host himself felt unsafe in their own homes…. sound so funny right 🙂 Also fairly monotonous festival from year to year and though organizers have never done some evaluation until there was no improvement impressed the stands just build that grow to the length 🙂

Apart from the strangeness of it, there are also positive things happening here that many local tourist start to came, this is very different from 5 years ago which are still very few local tourists thronged the festival. I really hope that this festival could become a means of cultural preservation that can be enjoyed not only for tourists but also for all the people who came there,International, national and local community around the Wamena region itself. So hope, no more action expulsion of local residents who want to watch this festival,
enforcement efforts indeed feasible in every activity but is not done in a roughly manner …. because this festival belongs to us and for all of us.

Ah its just one week, but I’ve missed cruise around Lake Sentani to visit our Papua friends who live in small islands there, happy with their warm welcome as he sipped a fresh from the oven coconut that was served. Sit quietly while waiting for sunset at the top of the Mac Arthur hill, a small singing and laughing together while climbing the Sogokmo hills, met and danced with friends from dani-yali-lani tribes, bargain hard at he mummy village till sit at the waiting room at Wamena airport …… oh i missed all of it already, hopefully my travel companions also felt the same way with me. Thanks again for our great journey guys…. wah… wah…wah

Remarkable INDONESIA!

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